Watermelon Cake

A fresh watermelon is trimmed and decorated for a fun summer birthday cake.  It is simple and requires no baking.

close up watermelon cake 2
Watermelon Cake

I love birthday parties!  I want to feed my family healthy food.  But sometimes those two statements don’t go together.

This weekend, we celebrated my little one’s birthday for the 3rd time.  We had cupcakes with her friends and later birthday cake with our extended family.  Now it was time for a party at home with just our own family.  But three cakes seemed a bit excessive. (Although I’m sure my kids would disagree.)

watermelon cake 1
Watermelon Cake with Candles

I convinced my birthday kid to have watermelon instead of cake.  I think everyone was a little disappointed at first, but once I got out the crystal cake platter and started trimming up the watermelon everyone got excited.

First, I purchased a large, round, seedless watermelon.  I cut the bottom 3 inches off.  Then I sliced  off the other end, closer to the middle of the watermelon, but still leaving me with a chunk that was at least 6 inches tall.  Finally, I trimmed off all the rind and placed it on the cake platter.  I decorated the watermelon with a pile of blueberries on the top, and blueberries in groups of three all around the base of the watermelon.  I finished it off with a few mint sprigs.

cut watermelon cake
Sliced Watermelon Cake

We all enjoyed this fun way to have watermelon and we hope you do too.  Happy Birthday!

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