Jolly Llama Strawberry Pops Review

Jolly Llama Strawberry Sorbet Pops
Jolly Llama Strawberry Sorbet Pop

strawberry pop ingredients

With an entire aisle at the grocery store devoted to ice cream, it is always a treat to find a few dairy-free options nestled in there too.

Except for the twin-stick, sugary, artificially flavored popsicle, there aren’t many dairy-free frozen treats.

These Jolly Llama Strawberry Sorbet Pops are dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free.  The packaging is visually appealing to the young and old.

The pops are super easy to serve, since they are self-contained and need no bowl or spoon.

The Jolly Llama Coconut Cream Dark Chocolate Pops are amazing and rich, and loved by everyone in my family.  So, I was very excited to try these too.

I love that strawberries are the first ingredient listed.  This is such a welcome change for all moms who are trying to feed their family less sugar.

strawberry popsThe texture was great, but I didn’t love the aftertaste.  My kids liked them, but I didn’t think the flavor tasted very much like strawberries.  Sorry Jolly Llama, I probably wouldn’t purchase this flavor again.

I’m still excited to try other Jolly Llama frozen treat varieties this summer.  It is fun to see more dairy-free products on the shelves of my local grocery store.  Thanks Jolly Llama for giving us more options in the grocery store!



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