Dill Pickle Potato Salad

Potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, dill pickles, onions, and celery combine with mayonnaise, pickle brine, and mustard for a non-dairy potato salad that isn’t too heavy for hot summer days.

potato salad 2

Since I am a potato farmer’s daughter, I make this potato salad for many picnics and get-togethers.  People have told me it tastes just like their grandma’s recipe.  I got a request for it at a family gathering last week as “the potato salad with pickle juice in it.”  It is my favorite potato salad, because it isn’t sweet like the ones at the store.  When I have dill in my garden, I add fresh green dill to the salad.

Hopefully this Memorial Day will be a beautiful day and we can enjoy this potato salad on a picnic.

Dill Pickle Potato Salad

5 lbs potatoes

10 eggs

1 cup celery, chopped, if desired

1/2 cup green onions, chopped or 1/4 cup onion, grated

1 cup dill pickle, diced

1 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup yellow mustard

1 1/2  cups pickle brine (the juice from the dill pickle jar)

1 tsp garlic salt

1 tsp salt


Boil potatoes in their skins until a knife can pierce the potato easily.  (It took me 65 minutes from when I turned on the stove until they were tender.)  Drain the water and let the potatoes cool until they are cool enough to handle. Boil eggs until the egg is hard-boiled about 8 minutes.  Let cool.

Peel and quarter potatoes lengthwise. Lightly salt the potatoes.  I think salting the potatoes before they go into the salad and not just salting the dressing gets the salt into the potato chunks, not just in the dressing around the potato.

cut potatoes

Finish slicing the potatoes crosswise into chunks and place in large bowl.  Peel eggs. Dice or slice the hard-boiled egg and add it to potatoes in the bowl.  (Leave an egg for garnishing the top of your salad).  Add celery (if desired, but I love the added crunch from the celery).

In a smaller bowl, add onions, pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, dill pickle brine, garlic salt, and salt.  Mix and pour over potatoes.  Stir to combine.  Chill in fridge, and be sure to store your potato salad in a cooler when you are headed to and from your picnic.  Happy summer!

potato salad 2






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