Family 5k Breakfast

Last year, my husband and four oldest children ran (or biked) in a 5 kilometer race.  I was pregnant, and I stayed home with the littlest kids and planted the garden.  When the runners came home, they finished up the left-over pancakes that I had fixed while they were gone.  This year they are running the 5k again.  I wanted to have a post-race celebration breakfast for the family.  I wanted a breakfast that could be made ahead of time so the little kids and I could go cheer at the finish line.

But what to fix?  I have read lots of blogs about chia seed puddings.  They are healthy, easy, and are made ahead of time, and can be made dairy-free. I tried making some the other day.  I thought they were pretty good, but my daughter summed up the rest of the family’s opinion with, “Umm. I don’t want to hurt your feelings Mom, but I don’t really like it.”  So, that probably isn’t going to be an exciting celebration breakfast.

Homemade granola?  Definitely a family favorite.  Or overnight-rise cinnamon rolls? Yummy.

But it is the end of May, I have spent the last week going to end-of-year school activities: a musical dress rehersal, a Shakespeare-inspired short play, a field-trip to the aquarium, an elementary school graduation planning meeting, a preschool graduation, 3 spring soccer games, etc.  Now, it is just seven hours before the 5k and I have nothing for breakfast.

Until I saw the leftover cookies that my husband bought today.

Murray’s Ginger Snaps

Don’t judge me too harshly, I also have bananas and oranges that I will serve.  And well, these aren’t just any cookies.  These are amazing.  They are very gingery, and ginger is great for digestion.  They aren’t overly sweet or rich.  They are crunchy, without being crummy.  They are probably about as healthy as cinnamon rolls.  And most importantly, they are in a bag in the cupboard ready to go.  Besides, there is plenty of left-over chia seed pudding if anyone is still hungry.




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