Happy Memorial Day

Wishing everyone a wonderful day today! We will be visiting a cemetery and remembering those who served and sacrificed, hoping to make the world a better place.   My kids love our family tradition of coloring pictures for decorating graves instead of buying flowers.  I described it last year in my post, Dairy-Free Memorial Day Waffles. … Continue reading Happy Memorial Day

Help…Why didn’t my cake mix cookies work this time?

This is the same recipe that I have used for years, but with the cherry chip cake mix, it was a flop.  Have the big companies changed their cake mix ingredients? My cousin taught me the coolest recipe for making cookies.  We've made this recipe for 10 years and I love it because:  Kids can … Continue reading Help…Why didn’t my cake mix cookies work this time?

Jolly Llama Strawberry Pops Review

With an entire aisle at the grocery store devoted to ice cream, it is always a treat to find a few dairy-free options nestled in there too. Except for the twin-stick, sugary, artificially flavored popsicle, there aren't many dairy-free frozen treats. These Jolly Llama Strawberry Sorbet Pops are dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free.  The packaging is … Continue reading Jolly Llama Strawberry Pops Review