One Skillet Sausage Dinner

Sausage and potatoes pair up for a quick and easy dinner, perfect for a busy night.

one skillet sausage dinner 1

This dinner is for all the busy people out there: the moms who have three kids on three different soccer teams, the families with seven children, the dads whose kids think they can only cook cold cereal and toast, or you.  It is family tested and approved. Continue reading

Replacing Butter

When I first found out that I could no longer eat dairy products, I didn’t know how to replace butter with other products. Non-dairy fats are sometimes hard to find at stores, or are very expensive, or they don’t taste at all like butter. I needed a fat source that the entire family could eat, fit my budget, and tasted good. I learned that with a little creativity I could cook without butter and still have delicious food.

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